Controversial YouTuber Hassan Campbell Shot in Bronx Neighborhood, US


Updated: 2:12 PM, Wed November 29, 2023

Controversial YouTuber Hassan Campbell Reportedly Shot in Bronx Neighborhood

A disturbing incident involving popular YouTuber Hassan Campbell has taken the internet by storm. The controversial influencer, known for his discussions on working-class communities and pop-culture events, allegedly got shot at during an altercation in a Bronx neighborhood. The incident was captured in a viral video that has been widely shared on various social media platforms.

According to reports, the incident occurred on Sunday, November 19. During a live stream, Campbell was discussing a high-profile lawsuit involving rapper Diddy when he veered into a conversation about abuse in underserved communities. He expressed frustration, stating that such issues rarely gain attention or go viral.

Campbell’s impassioned rant quickly turned confrontational as he shouted about street justice and dared anyone to pick a fight with him. However, the live stream abruptly cut to the inside of a vehicle, where an anxious Campbell exclaimed that he had been shot and urgently needed to go to the hospital. The video then ended.

The live stream garnered significant attention, amassing over 154K views on YouTube. Campbell, who is 46 years old and comes from a tumultuous background marked by substance abuse, has previously revealed that he experienced physical assault during his childhood.

Despite the lack of available footage showing the actual shooting, an update on Campbell’s YouTube page confirmed that he was expected to make a full recovery after undergoing surgery. Although details about the incident are still unclear, the statement mentioned that Campbell suffered non-fatal wounds.

Campbell, who has accumulated a substantial following with nearly 500K subscribers, is known for sharing advice and discussing pop-culture events. His YouTube channel features a wide range of topics, including discussions on success, getting out of the hood, and controversies involving famous individuals.

The Bronx River Houses-native, who reportedly has a net worth of $500,000, was previously married to someone named Lee Lee, but they divorced after a 25-year-long marriage. Additional details about their relationship and their status as parents remain unknown.

As the investigation into the shooting continues, many are concerned about the escalating violence and the repercussions faced by individuals who strive to raise awareness about important issues. The incident involving Hassan Campbell underscores the dangers faced by social media personalities as they navigate complex topics and advocate for change.

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