Congress Leader Digvijaya Singh’s Sit-In Protest Ends Outside Khajuraho Police Station in Madhya Pradesh, India


Updated: 9:49 PM, Sun November 19, 2023

Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh concluded his sit-in protest outside the Khajuraho police station in Madhya Pradesh, marking the end of his demonstration against the death of a party worker during the assembly polls held on November 17. The Congress worker, Salman Khan, was tragically run over by a car during a clash with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) functionaries in the Rajnagar assembly seat.

Singh initiated the protest on Saturday along with Alok Cahturvedi and Vikram Singh, party MLAs. They spent the night in a tent outside the police station as a symbol of their determination. The state BJP president, V D Sharma, filed a complaint with the Election Commission of India (ECI), accusing the police of bias and alleging that Khan was murdered by Congress candidate Vikram Singh Nati Raja to influence the elections.

Singh expressed disappointment in the lack of progress in the case, stating that although a murder case had been registered against twenty individuals, no arrests had been made, and the vehicle involved in the incident had not been seized. He criticized the state’s BJP government, claiming that if it were anyone else, prompt action would have been taken. Singh emphasized that the BJP leaders and government officials were attempting to have the case against Pateria withdrawn, but he vowed to prevent it, asserting that it was not an accident but a deliberate murder.

Meanwhile, MP BJP chief V D Sharma led a delegation to the ECI, accusing the police of bias in favor of Vikram Singh and submitting a memorandum that alleged the police officials had a Congress mentality. Sharma claimed that despite a complaint lodged by Pateria, who was allegedly attacked by Vikram Singh and his supporters, no action had been taken. He further alleged that under pressure from the Congress, the police had charged thirty-five individuals, including twenty BJP workers, with murder without conducting a proper investigation.

Responding to these developments, Superintendent of Police Amit Sanghi assured elected representatives and the deceased’s family that proper action would be taken in the case. Khan’s father, Harun Khan, confirmed that the sit-in had been withdrawn following the SP’s assurance. However, Digvijaya Singh emphasized the need for strict action against the accused. He warned that if necessary, the protest would be staged again.

The sit-in protest has generated considerable attention and highlighted the ongoing tensions between the Congress and BJP in the state. As the case proceeds, the political ramifications will likely persist, affecting the dynamics leading up to future elections. The demand for justice and transparency will undoubtedly continue to be a focal point for both parties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to the Above News

What was the reason for Digvijaya Singh's sit-in protest outside the Khajuraho police station?

The sit-in protest was initiated by Digvijaya Singh in response to the death of a Congress party worker during the assembly polls.

Who was the deceased party worker and how did he die?

The deceased party worker was Salman Khan, who lost his life after being run over by a car during a clash with BJP functionaries in the Rajnagar assembly seat.

When did Digvijaya Singh start the sit-in protest and how long did it last?

Digvijaya Singh started the sit-in protest on Saturday and concluded it on Sunday.

What did Digvijaya Singh express regarding the progress in the case?

Digvijaya Singh expressed disappointment over the lack of progress in the case. He mentioned that while an FIR had been registered against 20 people, none of the accused had been arrested, and the vehicle responsible for Khan's death had not been confiscated.

What did Digvijaya Singh believe regarding justice under the BJP government?

Digvijaya Singh and Khan's family believed that justice would not be served under the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh.

What action did Digvijaya Singh warn of if justice was not served?

Digvijaya Singh warned that if action was not taken, the agitation would spread to other parts of the state.

What did the BJP allege against the police and the Congress candidate?

The BJP alleged bias on the part of the police towards the Congress candidate Vikram Singh Nati Raja. They claimed that the police were exhibiting a pro-Congress mindset and working to support Raja.

How did the BJP claim that the police acted unjustly in the case?

The BJP claimed that under pressure from the Congress, the police had unjustly booked 35 individuals, including 20 BJP workers, for murder without conducting a proper investigation.

What assurance did the Superintendent of Police give to elected representatives and Khan's family?

The Superintendent of Police assured elected representatives and Khan's family that appropriate action would be taken in the case.

What further action did Digvijaya Singh stress the need for?

Digvijaya Singh stressed the need for strict action against the accused and warned of further agitation if justice was not served.

Please note that the FAQs provided on this page are based on the news article published. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, it is always recommended to consult relevant authorities or professionals before making any decisions or taking action based on the FAQs or the news article.

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