Boy Ignites Gas Stove Using Static Electricity: Viral Video Captivates Internet, India


Updated: 1:53 PM, Mon January 15, 2024

Guy Ignites Gas Stove with a Finger, Leaving the Internet Astonished

A viral video showcasing a boy seemingly igniting a gas stove with just his finger has taken the internet by storm. The video, which has gained widespread attention on the micro-blogging platform X (formerly Twitter), has left viewers both stunned and fascinated. Contrary to what it may appear, the spectacle is not a magic trick but rather a demonstration of the intriguing principles of science, specifically static electricity.

Static electricity occurs when there is an imbalance between negative and positive charges in an object. In simpler terms, it is the energy generated when certain materials rub against each other, transferring electrons and creating a charge. The video effectively captures this phenomenon in a captivating and unconventional manner.

In the video, a boy is seen seated, pointing his finger at a gas stove burner. Another person enters the scene holding a blanket and proceeds to rub it on the boy, swiftly pulling it away. The unexpected result follows – the gas stove is ignited, leaving viewers in awe. The accompanying caption, Guy igniting gas stove by generating static energy. Truly, India is not for beginners, adds a touch of humor and highlights the scientific aspect of the experiment.

The video quickly went viral, capturing the attention of social media users worldwide. It has amassed an impressive 729k views, 10.6k likes, and a multitude of comments, showcasing the widespread curiosity and fascination surrounding the video. The comments reflect a mix of skepticism, excitement, and humorous observations.

One user humorously commented, I get charged a lot by static electricity. So I can definitely ignite a stove. Another user expressed caution, stating, This video needs to have a warning. People are absurd these days to try anything and everything they see online.

Many viewers were intrigued by the techniques used in the video, with one person asking, Bhai ye kaise kiya (How did you do it, brother?) However, others were more cautious, emphasizing the potential dangers involved. One user warned, Worry about static electricity after gas fills the room!

While some viewers viewed the video as a fascinating scientific demonstration, others called for practical confirmation. A comment humorously suggested, Please someone try this at home and confirm this. I need confirmation.

The video showcasing the ignition of a gas stove using static electricity serves as a captivating example of the wonders of science. It not only ignites interest and amazement but also raises awareness about the potential risks associated with experimenting with scientific principles. As viewers continue to share, comment, and ponder over the video, it remains a testament to the power of science to captivate and astonish us in unexpected ways.

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Aarav Gupta
Aarav Gupta
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