Auction of 340 Traditional Vehicle Registration Marks Set for December 2 in Hong Kong Convention Centre


Updated: 8:05 AM, Wed November 15, 2023

Auction of 340 Traditional Vehicle Registration Marks Set for December 2 in Hong Kong Convention Centre

Hong Kong’s Transport Department (TD) has announced that an auction of 340 traditional vehicle registration marks will take place on December 2, 2023. The event will be held at Meeting Room S221, L2, Old Wing, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai.

Prospective bidders who have already paid a deposit of $1,000 to secure a mark for the auction must participate in the bidding process. Failure to do so may result in the mark being sold to another bidder at the reserve price of $1,000.

Important information for those planning to participate in the bidding process has been outlined by the TD:

1. Successful bidders will need to provide the following documents immediately after the bidding process for registration and payment purposes:

– The identity document of the successful bidder
– The identity document of the purchaser (if different from the bidder)
– A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (for body corporate purchasers)
– A crossed cheque made payable to The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or The Government of the HKSAR as payment. Note that cheque clearance confirmation will be required for auctioned marks paid for by cheque, which may take up to three working days.

Alternatively, successful bidders can make payment through the Easy Pay System (EPS). Cash, post-dated cheques, and other methods of payment will not be accepted.

2. Purchasers must make payment of the purchase price through EPS or by crossed cheque and complete the Memorandum of Sale of Registration Mark immediately after the bidding. No subsequent alterations to the details in the memorandum will be permitted.

3. A vehicle registration mark can only be assigned to a motor vehicle registered under the purchaser’s name. If a vehicle registration mark purchased is to be registered under the name of a body corporate, the purchaser must provide the Certificate of Incorporation.

4. Special registration marks are non-transferable. If the ownership of a motor vehicle with a special registration mark is transferred, the allocation of the special registration mark will be canceled.

5. Within 12 months of the auction date, purchasers must apply to the Commissioner for Transport to have the registration mark assigned to a motor vehicle registered under their name. Failure to assign the registration mark within 12 months will result in the cancellation of the mark allocation, without prior notice to the purchaser.

The Transport Department advises interested parties to refer to the Guidance Notes – Auction of Traditional Vehicle Registration Marks available for download on their website for further auction details.

The upcoming auction of 340 traditional vehicle registration marks in Hong Kong presents an opportunity for people to secure unique and coveted marks for their vehicles. It is essential for bidders to understand and comply with the requirements and procedures outlined by the Transport Department to ensure a smooth and successful auction process.

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